About MarianaSelf Made

Mariana Wehbe is an international ambassador for Lebanese luxury brands. Born in Abu Dhabi, she moved to Florida as a child but settled in Beirut two decades later. Now splitting her time between Lebanon and the US, Mariana has mastered the art of bridging cultures.

It was an invaluable skill during her 16-year tenure as head of sales at multinational shipping company DHL. It's also what drove her to leave the corporate world and launch Mariana Wehbe Public Relations.

Mariana established herself as a tastemaker in Beirut and gave young designers a boost within her wide social circle. But she soon became frustrated by the limited opportunities available to the talented people she supported. In 2013, she founded Mariana Wehbe Public Relations to create the big breaks they were lacking. Drawing upon her professional experience, cultural knowledge and global network, she positions designers in exciting ways. Her goal is to propel small brands with international potential into new markets.

While simultaneously promoting luxury businesses, Mariana dove headfirst into the world of high-value auctions as the Middle East's first professional female auctioneer. Known for her on-stage charisma, she raised over $7 million for charity.