About MarianaSelf Made

Born in Abu Dhabi, Mariana moved to Florida as a child but settled in Beirut two decades later. Growing up in the United States and coming back as a young adult to Lebanon, she has mastered an art of bringing cultures together.
This invaluable skill matured during her 16-year tenure as head of sales at multinational shipping company DHL. Thereafter, Mariana decided to venture on her own and channel her experience through what she loves most; exploring the potential of creative brands, contributing to their growth and success, and most importantly bringing people together.
Mariana’s aim today is to foster and position those she journeys with in exciting and promising ways. Her goal is to propel small yet internationally potential brands into new markets.
Today, her work has come to embody luxury brands in the fields of architecture, interior design, and the automotive industry. She has positioned herself as the Middle East’s first NGO female auctioneer, and has since successfully raised over $7 million dollars in charity.
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