Mariana Wehbe is a distinguished and highly accomplished public relations professional and founder of her eponymous brand Mariana Wehbe Public Relations. Mariana is celebrated for her extraordinary ability to dream, coupled with her unwavering commitment to meticulous planning and execution. Her portfolio showcases some of the most spectacular events of the past decade. In April 2018, MWPR orchestrated Vogue Arabia’s first-anniversary dinner and party, attracting a constellation of high-profile personalities and celebrities to the Lebanese capital for a two-day celebration. Then, in the summer of 2019, Mariana Wehbe spearheaded the 100-year anniversary party of Empire Cinemas in Cannes, France, effectively bringing a touch of Lebanon to the French Riviera. Guests experienced an unforgettable night. Earlier, she was entrusted with the task of bringing the Parisian Hotel de Crillon to Lebanon, creating an immersive experience at Elie Saab’s residence that transported guests on a virtual journey to the Michelin-starred restaurant in Lebanon. Furthermore, Mariana’s collaborations with AD Middle East gave rise to the Art of Dining and The Art of Living concepts, which united the region’s foremost interior designers and architects under one roof, further solidifying her legacy in the industry.

Her most recent addition is We Design Beirut, a design platform set to take place in March 2024, marking another milestone in her impressive career.

Always bespoke, Wehbe’s all-encompassing, 360-degree approach has garnered her a well-deserved place amongst the finest public relations personalities of the region and beyond. Mariana is also the Middle East’s first NGO female auctioneer. Known for her on-stage charisma, she has successfully raised over $8 million for a number of charities dear to her heart.

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