Mariana Wehbe is a renowned public relations and media executive. Based in Beirut, Lebanon, Wehbe has been credited with some of the most ambitious contracts the region has seen. Her ability to identify and harness talent; envision and produce world-class projects has earned her a glowing reputation as an authority on brand development, event management and production in the region.

Brought up in the United States, Mariana returned to Lebanon as a young adult and started her illustrious career at DHL, one that would last more than 15 years. She then founded her eponymous firm in 2013. The full-service public relations company boasts a roster of leading brands in diverse fields, from fashion and interior design, to automotives and architecture. The firm has become synonymous with professional excellence and resourcefulness thanks to Wehbe’s strength of linking, networking and creating strategic partnerships; and is testament to her vision and dedication. Till this day the event created by MWPR from Mclaren Automotives has not been topped, according to MClaren CEO Mike Flewitt.

Wehbe’s innate ability to dream, and her discipline and diligence in planning and execution has produced some of the grandest events of the past decade. In April ’18 MWPR produced Vogue Arabia’s first anniversary dinner and party which saw some of the world’s most high profile personalities and celebrities descend on the Lebanese capital for the celebratory two-day affair.

In the Summer of 2019, Mariana Wehbe was again behind one of the most progressive projects of the season, with the 100 year anniversary party of Empire Cinemas in Cannes, France. Credited with literally transporting Lebanon to Cannes for an evening, guests were treated to a night to remember on the French Riviera. Prior to that, Mariana was commissioned to bring Parisian Hotel de Crillon to Lebanon. The immersive experience held at the home of Elie Saab, completely created and executed by Wehbe, took guests on a virtual dinner at the famed Michellin Star restaurant in the heart of Lebanon.

The Art of Dining and The Art of Living concepts, created in collaboration with AD Middle East are yet other accolades that saw the region’s most prominent interior designers and architects all come together under one roof.

Drawing on her professional experience, cultural knowledge and global network, it is Wehbe’s work with raw and promising talent that she finds equally rewarding. Over the years she has identified, mentored, guided and launched a number of emerging designers with potential for international success. Wehbe’s keen eye and entrepreneurial prowess enables her to position these brands in creative and innovative ways, with the goal of providing them with much needed scale and promising opportunities in new markets.

Always bespoke, Wehbe’s all-encompassing, 360 degree approach has garnered her a well-deserved place amongst the finest public relations personalities of the region and beyond. Mariana is also the Middle East’s first NGO female auctioneer. Known for her on-stage charisma, she has successfully raised over $7 million for a number of charities dear to her heart.

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